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OJSC JSCB Prominvestbank may change the established rates for each specific operation or determine a special procedure of settlements in case of any specific arrangement between OJSC JSCB Prominvestbank and the Bank's client.

The tariff rates shall only be applied to standard operations to be carried out in compliance with the established banking practice. OJSC JSCB Prominvestbank shall reserve the right to exact on coordination with a client an additional commission for non-standard operations where to carry them out shall require additional volume of work and/or where there are occur extraordinary circumstances. Moreover, according to separate agreements with a client OJSC JSCB Prominvestbank may on payment basis execute additional kinds of works or render services that have not been stipulated by the present tariffs.

Commission, the Bank's expenses arising in connection with passing operations on client's instructions including fees, duties, telecommunication and postal expenses, commission of intermediary banks and other non-expected expenses shall be exacted on their actual value according to the non-acceptance procedure in the currency of the relevant operations or may be exacted in Russian rubles at the rate of the CB of RF as of the date of writing off.

Where there is any necessity to translate commission and expenses from US dollars into other currencies, there shall be applied the cross-rate of OJSC JSCB Prominvestbank established as of the date of translation of the commission and expenses.

Commission deducted by OJSC JSCB Prominvestbank for executing clients' instructions shall not be subject to return.

Indicated in the tariffs commissions of OJSC JSCB Prominvestbank do not include the value added tax. In cases that have not been stipulated by legislation, when exacting certain commissions there shall be additionally deducted the value added tax.

OJSC JSCB Prominvestbank shall not bear any responsibility for any delays, errors, misunderstanding etc. to arise as a consequence of unclear, incomplete or inaccurate client's instructions.

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