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«Client-Bank» System
The Client-Bank System enables the customer to manage his/her/its accounts with the Bank not leaving his/her office in two modes: on-line and, if the Internet access is limited or unavailable, off-line through modem connection with the Bank. The System fully automates document flows between the customer records and the Bank and ensures guaranteed safety level. All data are coded using cryptographic algorithms. The integrity of the data to be communicated is controlled. Mutual authentication of both the Bank and the customer is ensured. Existing version of the System may be integrated with accounting software and enables to work with Rubles and foreign currency accounts.

Basic features
The Client-Bank System may:
  • transfer electronic copies of settlement documents to the Bank;
  • recall the documents sent to the Bank;
  • trace statuses of the documents previously sent to the Bank in on-line mode;
  • receive customer account statements;
  • receive electronic copies of settlement document on entering and withdrawing from the customer accounts;
  • exchange electronic text messages and files with the Bank;
  • receive reference bank data.

  • The Client-Bank System is provided with multi-level protection system and ensures reliability, safety and confidentiality of the data to be communicated. The procedure of conflicts settling is précised and developed from the legal viewpoint.

    Using the Client-Bank System, any legal entity or individual may work with the following formalized types of Ruble documents:

    Ruble documents
  • payment order
  • application for letter of credit
  • application for acceptance
  • application for cash

  • Foreign currency documents
  • application for transfer
  • order to purchase currency
  • order to sell currency
  • order to withdraw from transit account
  • information on foreign currency transactions
  • information on RF currency arrival
  • information of confirming documents

  • Other documents
  • recall of the document sent to the Bank
  • data on beneficiaries
  • account statements

  • Arbitrary form documents
  • post message to the Bank employee

  • Reference books:
  • of correspondent banks
  • beneficiaries
  • exchange rates
  • BIC
  • Budget classification codes

  • Contact information:

    building 1, 9/2 Maroseyka, Moscow
    Phones: (495) 969-2-969
    Fax: (495) 782-18-18

    English version Русская версия