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Plastic cards
Plastic cards are modern, convenient and efficient tool of daily settlements.

VISA is a Guaranty of first-class servicing of its holders throughout the world.

Why is «Prominvestbank»?

  • The Bank issues international customer plastic cards (any application is considered for three days).
  • Low cost of servicing.
  • In cooperation with its partners, the Bank ensures a wide and continuously increasing range of first-class services.
  • The Customer Service Department of the Processing Center, which services the Bank, works round-the-clock.
  • The Bank cardholders may obtain updated on-line information on card account and card transactions through their mobile phones or through the Internet.
  • Convenient location (in the Moscow downtown): 10 minutes on foot to the Red Square.
  • Low commission for cash withdrawal through the Bank cash machines and the cash machine network of the partners (over two hundred).
  • OJSC JSCB «Prominvestbank» offers initial level cost-effective cards that are the best for daily settlements (withdrawal of cash through cash machines, shopping through POS terminals). The main advantages:
  • low cost of servicing;
  • reliability: any operation is made upon mandatory authorization ensuring safety of your funds in case of the card loss;
  • option of on-line monitoring of funds.
  • To obtain the card, you should enter into the Account Agreement with the Bank and fill the APPLICATION. The documents shall be submitted to the Bank at bldg.1, 9/2, Maroseyka Street, Moscow.

    We are waiting for you from 9:00 to 18:00 in working hours. If you have any question, please contact the Bank experts at 969-2650 or e-mail to: plastic@pib.ru

    The rates of the Bank services are provided on the web-site in Rates related to Operation of Accounts and Plastic Card Transactions.

    Tel: (495) 969-2950, or e-mail to: plastic@pib.ru
    Round-the-clock customer service of the processing center: (495) 232-2324

    Contact information:

    building 1, 9/2 Maroseyka, Moscow
    Phones: (495) 969-2-969
    Fax: (495) 782-18-18

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