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Leasing safe cells
Individual bank safes

Dear Sirs!

We shall be glad to see you among clients of the Hall of individual bank safes! Individual bank safes of JSCB "Prominvestbank" shall open for you some possibilities and advantages namely:
  • ou shall acquire confidence in safe keeping your money, values, documents, articles of art, exhibits of private collections;
  • You may lease a safe of any size in accordance with your needs. At your service there are cells of seven different sizes. The smallest ones are designed for keeping money, jewelry, securities and business documentation. In the largest ones it is possible to keep books, icons, articles of antique.
  • The depositary system of Swedish firm "ROSENGRENS" that is the worldwide leader in this field has as a front door the double box-like construction made of steel walls with the thickness of 2 mm (the distance between the walls is 30 mm) that gives a possibility to provide resistance against all kinds of mechanical influences and also to keep the values during a fire within 45-60 minutes and documents within 20-30 minutes;
  • We shall not take any pawn for the key from you;
  • We have a flexible system of discounts depending on the term of leasing the safe;
  • When making any transaction with realty you may use calculating and checking equipment free of charge;
  • You will have a possibility to receive free consultations of qualified specialists of the Bank;
  • You may additionally order checking authenticity of banknotes by the Bank's specialist;
  • Where necessary, you may draw up a power of attorney giving the right to use the safe;
  • It is possible to descend the safe contents drawing up the will in accordance with the procedure established by law.
So you have decided to lease a cell to keep values, money and documents, haven't you? In this case the Bank shall conclude with you a bilateral lease agreement. The Agreement shall stipulate leasing a safe by one person without imposing any restrictions on regime of access with the exception of those set forth in the agreement

After concluding the agreement and paying the rent in the Bank's cash office (in accordance with current tariffs in rubles at the rate of the Bank of Russia as of the date of payment), you will receive a key to the bank cell.

You shall be entitled to keep in your safe everything that is valuable for you with the exception of articles that have been excluded from civil use namely explosives, radioactive, toxic, narcological and poisonous substances, weapons, ammunition etc. On expiration of the period of validity of the agreement you may prolong it for any term to be necessary to you.

To make settlements on transactions with realty and when exchanging with mutual obligations at your service there is a trilateral agreement of leasing a safe with a special regime of access.

Lease with special condition

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