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OJSC JSCB «Prominvestbank» extends loans in the RF Rubles and foreign currency to the organizations, enterprises and establishments of any ownership provided by the RF laws and to individuals (consumer loans) against liquid security.

Lending may be short-term (up to one year), medium-term (from one to three years) and long-term (three years and more).

The customers located in Moscow and the Moscow Region have a priority.

In addition to traditional lending, the Bank opens credit facilities in foreign currency with various operation modes for its customers.

The following may be accepted as a security: real estate in ownership of the customer, pledged inventory, commodity stock (or finished products), pledge of notes, motor vehicles, equipment, pledge of high liquidity securities, surety of reliable organizations, bank guarantees, other liquid property at the Bank discretion.

Contact information: (495) 969-2955.

Contact information:

building 1, 9/2 Maroseyka, Moscow
Phones: (495) 969-2-969
Fax: (495) 782-18-18

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